13 October 2017

Furball Friday

We have two of these igloos, where the cats like to be when the weather is cool.  (You can see part of one to the right in this photo.)  However, when you are Jack, and you just LOVE Pip, it apparently means that you really *need* to try and be right where he is.

Happy Friday the 13th!  Please kiss any black kitties in your families for me.

And have a good weekend!

12 October 2017

Three Stupid Things

Yes, I know - there are WAY MORE than three stupid things in the world - oy!  But as it's Three on Thursday with Carole and Kat, and I was in the mood to write a post, but didn't know what to write about, here are three things that just this morning are stupid.

1.  This sweater and others like it.

Look - it's either a sweater with sleeves or it's a tank top with no sleeves.  This is one of the worst examples of this trend I have ever come across, and if I saw someone wearing this, I would be tempted to trip them walking down the street.

2.  The story about the actress Rose McGowan's Twitter account being suspended.   I barely know who she is, except that I know she is one of the people who spoke out about that dirtbag Harvey Weinstein.  Apparently something she tweeted "violates the rules of Twitter."  Frankly, I can't imagine what that might be, as a certain party who is an alleged leader of our country seems to do a lot of insulting, bashing, accusatory, and otherwise inappropriate things on Twitter multiple times in one day, without consequences.  I mean, he's threatened nuclear war!   This is just another example of why people who have been victims of physical and/or emotional assault don't speak up. 

3.  OMG this commercial, which I saw this a.m. before I left for work, during a break from the local news.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO x a bazillion!!!  It is currently October 12; Halloween hasn't happened yet, and Thanksgiving comes after that, and THERE ARE RULES PEOPLE.  (Granted, they are my rules but they make complete sense and should be imposed on everyone.)  You may say, well, they threw in the pumpkin flavored pancakes, but no no no no that doesn't mean it's OK.  When you show "holiday" stuff with a tree, red and green decorations, and the "Nutcracker" playing in the background, you are not talking about Halloween and/or Thanksgiving.  Retailers start putting up displays early because they are selling THINGS.  Denny's is selling FOOD, and that's a whole 'nother ballgame if you ask me. (And you didn't, but also know that my rules specifically state no Christmas decorations until Thanksgiving is over.  I completely ignore them anywhere until then.)  Even if they wanted to pop this up around Thanksgiving, I could live with it.  BUT THERE ARE NEARLY THREE WEEKS LEFT BEFORE IT'S HALLOWEEN!  Granted, I don't know the last time I visited a Denny's (there are none near me), but that's not the point.

Stabbiness ensues.

I'm glad to have gotten those things off my chest.  Feel free to return to your regularly scheduled day.

09 October 2017

Long Weekend Day Off

Oh it's so nice to be at home on a Monday because it's a holiday, and you are not using leave time, nor will you get grief from your co-workers when you go back to work on Tuesday!

Yes, today is my third day of the Columbus Day holiday weekend.  And yes, I'm well aware of all of the reasons why Columbus Day is evil, so please do not lecture me about it.  The bottom line for me is that it's a day off.  I'm never gonna say no to that.

Lots of knitting and knitting-related things happened on Saturday and Sunday, as well as of course other things.  It would have been really nice if the weather had cooperated, but the heat and humidity stuck around (and are still here today) and that was the annoying part.  We are getting rain leftover from Hurricane Nate, and I don't mind that, but it's just so uncomfortable.  Yuck.

Anyway, on Saturday I went to a friend's house because she had kindly offered to help me put my Custom Fit sweater together.  You may remember that I managed to successfully seam the shoulders, but even after watching many YouTube videos, could not understand the rest of how to seam the other pieces together.  Kathy (said friend) is a major sweater knitter, and I knew she would be a great person to help me. 

Well it turned out to be not just helpful, but a wonderful afternoon.  I got to meet her kitties, her pup, and we had a great time talking and laughing.  Best of all, I got one of the sleeves added to the sweater and now I "get" it - yay!  I'm going to finish up as much as I can today.  She had a set of these clips, and boy did it make things simpler!  I'd never seen them before, but you can bet I'm ordering a set for myself.  Kindly, she let me borrow hers to finish up my seaming.  She showed me a fairisle vest she is making for her trip to Fair Isle next July!  It's going to be a really gorgeous knit, and the trip she is taking sounds ridiculously amazing.  Included besides all the knitting and fiber stuff is tea and cakes every afternoon and wine with dinner - how could it NOT be perfect?!

So hopefully very soon I can show you an actual, seamed, finished sweater.  :-)

Also on  Saturday, I had put ingredients into the crockpot for dinner.  It was a recipe I had made up in my brain, and was really wanting to try.  It was something I thought would be really yummy for a cool, fall day.  I got tired of waiting for that, so went ahead and tried it.  It turned out to be so incredibly yummy!  I'm going to try and write up the basics of it so I can make it again when [someday] it is cool again.  If you are wondering, it was Potato-Mushroom-Sausage soup, and unlike many of the recipes I make up in my head it's a keeper.

Saturday was a very successful day.

Sunday was just as nice, if quieter.  Not a day to really be outside, as it rained on and off all day, but a good day for knitting.  I have been somewhat obsessively working on this:

Above is the bottom border of the Main Street pattern, which, as you may recall, was hard to get cast on because there were so many stitches and I kept having to start over.  Well, a week ago yesterday, I finally got things cast on properly, and with the help of many stitch markers, I finally got started.  I gotta tell you, once underway, this was pretty addictive and easy to memorize.  In this photo, I'm a little more than halfway through the bottom border, but as of last night, I finished it, so it's on to stockinette for a while.  When I started knitting this, I thought that I should have waited since it's really other than a cold weather knit.  But now I'm thinking it would be fine for this weather ...

We spent the rest of Sunday reading, I also did more knitting, and we had the football game on in the background.  After The Tim made dinner, we watched some shows we'd recorded last week.  So it was a quiet and pleasant Sunday.

Today I hope to seam at least a bit more of my sweater, clean up a couple of things around here, read a bit, and if I have the energy and/or desire, cast on some socks.  It's still rainy at the moment, so it's nice to not have to be out in it.

On the one hand, I'm glad it will be a short week as far as number of workdays go.  But this coming Friday night is Members' Night at work, which means I'll get to work at my usual 7 a.m., but not be able to make my way home until sometime after 9 p.m.!  So it will likely still seem like a long week.  Which means I want to make the most of today, that's for sure!

06 October 2017

Old Photo Friday

Well this is a killer from wayback!

This is a photo of my mother, probably taken by my father.  I don't remember specifics, but I do know he had a Polaroid camera, and was always taking pictures of everything and everyone.  I do remember that my mother was all excited about her new swimsuit, so she was likely showing all of us how nice it looked.  And then Toby the dog decided he should also be in the picture.  The look of annoyance on my mother's face is perfect, and a look we all saw quite often!  I'm 99% sure that a comment like "Oh for God's sake! Why is the damn dog in the picture?" was also part of this event.

June 1968.  Wow, what a time. 

Have a great weekend!

05 October 2017

Three Things to Knit

Hello sports fans!  I hope you are having a good week so far.  I'm plodding through the best I can for the at-work part, and trying my best to enjoy evenings with The Tim and the kitties.  On Monday, we celebrated a year since Jack the kitten joined the family - that went fast!  And technically, I know he is not a kitten anymore since he has turned a year old, but he still looks and acts like a kitten, and for now at least, he's the baby of the family.  :-)  It also helps that today is Thursday, and the coming weekend is a long weekend for me.  Yes, where I work we get the day off for The Day That Should Not Be Celebrated Or Named Out Loud Around Most People These Days (i.e., Columbus Day).  I am shallow enough that a day off is a day off, and I'll take it. 

In any event, being that today is Thursday, it means that it is Three Things Thursday with Carole and Kat.  So I am participating this week because I do enjoy little lists, and have made one for this week. 

Today I am sharing three things in my Ravelry queue that my brain has been obsessing about lately.  Which is not to say that they will or will not happen soon, or even ever, but for the moment they are right there in the front.

Zadie, by Mercedes Tarasovich

I came across this pattern when it was mentioned on The Grocery Girls podcast.  They were knitting it as part of their Craftsy series, Off Our Needles, and seeing both of the ones they made just made me happy.  Cables are one of my most favorite things in the world, and the cable detail on this sweater just really appeals to me.  Also the fact that for one of them, it was her first sweater and she said it was so enjoyable to knit.  The pattern currently has 155 projects listed.

The Parlor Cat, by Sara Elizabeth Kellner

I've had this pattern in my queue for a long time.  Recently, I saw a blog post where someone (I don't remember who, sorry!) showed two that she had made as FOs and they were so adorable, I started thinking of this pattern again.  I've made one very small "stuffie" in my knitting career, and enjoyed it, so maybe I would also enjoy making this, who knows?  As of today, 574 projects are listed - apparently I'm not even close to being the only one who likes this pattern!

Great Falls, by Pam Allen

The other day I was watching/listening to a podcast (again, I don't remember which one ... I really need to make note of these things), and they mentioned this pattern.  So I took a look on Ravelry, and OMG I need this sweater!  It looks sooooo cozy, and since it's knit with bulky yarn, it would be a quick knit (well, theoretically at least).  I *may* even have yarn to knit this in my stash, but I purposely have not checked because I am trying to stay focused on current projects. The pattern sample is knit with Quince & Co. yarn, which is soooo pretty!  It's a new-ish pattern release, but there are already 42 projects listed!

What about you?  Do you have any patterns that have pushed to the front of your brain, or even to your queue?  When that happens, do you actually knit them, or like me, are you often distracted by another shiny (well, yarny) thing?