23 September 2016

July and August Harry's Hundred Update

First of all, thanks to all of you for your supportive comments on the previous post.  I feel better knowing that I was not just being oversensitive.  Granted, it's not like I can do anything much about the way I feel, but sometimes you just want others to weigh in, you know?

Anyway, on to other things of a more positive nature.  :-)

I completely flaked out and forgot to do a Harry's Hundred update for both July and August.  And when I did think of it, I would be at work, or on vacation, or ready to fall asleep - times when I did not have easy access to either my computer or the pictures.  So let's do it now, while everything is ready to go!

I don't have pictures, because she forgot to take any before sending them off, but Dee knitted two hats for Harry's Hundred, and they have likely been received by now, and will happily warm heads once the cold weather actually hits.

During July, I knit this pair of fingerless mitts (Ravelry link here).

These were fast and easy to knit, and you end up with a really nice pair of mitts.  The pattern is very straightforward, and I can see many of these in the future, both for this project as well as for gifts, etc.

August brought these items into the overall count:

First up, this hat made by frogstitch, which looks so cozy, I wouldn't mind having it for myself!

Then, the ever-reliable GringaTurista made these mittens, which she calls "Mitten Pox Are Contagious," which completely cracks me up!

Finally, another effort of mine, which I call the Seedy Stockinette Hat (Ravelry link here).  When I made this, I made it so that the brim is extra warm around the ears, by knitting an extra long brim that is then folded inside.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Thanks to every single person who has been nice enough to work on projects and let me know about them.  We are getting a nice variety of things, and it makes me happy to think of how many people will have something nice and/or warm this winter as a result.

Here's our latest tally:

Goal:  100 items
Tally so far:  42

Almost halfway there - and even if we don't hit our goal, at this point there will be 42 warmer, cozier, and hopefully somewhat happier wearers of our work!

21 September 2016

On My Mind

So that you know from the get-go, this post has nothing to do with knitting, reading, or our vacation, and mentions belief systems.  So you have been warned.  It's just something that has been on my mind for a few days, and I want some opinions if you care to share.

We have a neighbor who lives down the street who is truly a nice and lovely person.  I mean, genuine.  Not someone who grates on you.  She is kind to every person and creature in the neighborhood, and truly caring.

This past Monday, I ran into her on my way home from work.  I hadn't seen her for most of the summer, and she expressed sorrow at hearing that our Doodle Dog had died.  She said how he always seemed so happy, and was so friendly, and that she missed seeing him.  I said that we were heartbroken and still missed him terribly.

Then she said, "I'd like to tell you that there is something to believe in, and that you will see him again.  But there isn't, so he is just gone."

WHY WOULD YOU SAY THIS TO SOMEONE?  Even if I agreed with her (and frankly, I don't, but that is neither here nor there), I still found this extremely insensitive and rude.  I felt like I'd been slapped in the face.  I think I murmured something about having to get home and walked away, but I have been feeling so hurt since then.

Whether or not you believe in God, Goddess, gods, clouds, flowers, or nothing at all, I don't think it would ever be appropriate to say something like she did.  If I had asked her, maybe that would be different, but I didn't and I had said nothing beyond what I already mentioned here.

Then I also wondered, would she say the same thing to someone who had lost a human family member?  I hope not.  I do know that a few years back, her husband died, and perhaps she got tired of people telling her they would see each other again.  That is her business not mine.

The whole thing still upsets me.  Do you think I'm being oversensitive?  If I am, I can't really help it, it's how I am feeling, but I am curious to know if anyone else would feel hurt by this kind of comment.

I promise not to keep harping on this, but I just wanted to throw it out there for your consideration, if you are still reading this post.


20 September 2016

Five Plus Five

While I wait for the photo editor to start working again so I can share vacation pictures (The Tim is on it), I decided to participate in this week's Ten on Tuesday.  Carole wants us to list two sets of five things:

The 5 Best Things You Did This Summer


The 5 Things I You Are Looking Forward to Doing This Fall

This summer sucked big time, for a number of reasons. But  I need to make myself  remember some highlights and here they are.

1. Spent the day in Annapolis.  It's one of our fave places, and we had a great time.

2. Went to the Barnes Foundation for the first time.  Amazing.

3. Had a great visit with friends from WV, who we hadn't had a chance to spend time with for a while. 

4. Fixed up the garden, though the horrible heat and humidity kept us from enjoying it very much.  We got to sit out there once!  But still, I'd been wanting to get it fixed up, and I did.

5. Our New England trip last week.  I have to tell you, it saved the summer for us.  

Looking towards the fall, here are things I'm hoping will happen and be fun.

1. Enjoying being out in the garden!  Cooler weather should mean we can enjoy sitting out there and relaxing.

2. Going to Rehoboth Beach for a weekend in October and staying with my niece Amanda and her husband Pat at his family's wonderful little beach house.

3. Trying baked beans from scratch in the crockpot.

4. Being able to enjoy taking walks and riding my bicycle.  

5. The weather!  Nice enough to cuddle with the kitties, drink tea, wear and make knits, and overall be cozy.

I for one cannot wait until it's not only officially fall, but for when it *feels* like fall!  :-)

15 September 2016

Halfway Point

Hello all ~ Just a quick check-in, at the halfway point of our vacation.  I can't tell you how great it's been, and if I thought I loved New England before, I love it even more now.

I am writing to you at the moment from our room in the B&B we found in Bar Harbor, Maine.  We are in a lovely room just a short drive (and only slightly longer walk) from the main part of town.  The place we are staying (The Cleftstone Manor) is on the National Register of Historic Places - how cool is that?  In a little bit we will be heading to breakfast, and then off to Acadia National Park for a hike.

The weather has been perfect (high today is expected to be 65 degrees!), and our adventures have been fun.  I can reassure you that fall is on the way - the leaves are starting to change up here, and it's been pleasantly cool and crisp.  The people we've run into have said it's taken a little longer for the leaves to start changing, and apparently the summer was hot enough and without as much rain, so many towns have water bans in place (however, everyone's garden's still look lovely - what is the secret!?).

We have eaten delicious food, had amazing local beers, and easily walked 8-10 miles every day.  (Which is good, considering the first part of that sentence.)

I've taken LOTS of photos, and will share them when I'm home and can get organized.  But suffice it to say, this trip is a huge success.  I mean, how could it not be, when you see things like this every single day?

Have a good rest of the week!

10 September 2016

One More Before the Big Trip!

Well tomorrow is traveling day - we'll be up early and on our way north!  We've looked at the weather forecast for the week, and though of course it could all change, right now, it's looking pretty wonderful.  We have a lot of our stuff gathered to take and pack, and will likely work on that tonight.  The cat sitter will arrive tomorrow, so that is sorted out, and we'll set out our trash tomorrow for Monday morning pickup (which will drive one of our neighbors insane, thereby only making it better as far as we're concerned).

The cats are already ensconced near and on our empty suitcase. :-)

I have some pictures to share, but not today.  For reasons unknown to me, they downloaded into my laptop, but I cannot open them.  The Tim has offered to look at things, so hopefully next time I can do a show-and-tell.

I'm bringing the laptop along on our trip, for various things, but I really have no idea if/when I'll post.  So you may hear from me this week, or you may not hear from me until we're back.  Enjoy the suspense!

Well, it's been nearly two weeks since I announced my giveaway winner, and I have not heard a peep from Lynn.  I sent her an e-mail, using the e-mail address in her blog profile, but nothing.  I know she gets busy once her kids go back to school, but I feel like two weeks has been plenty of time to even just say, "I'll send my info soon, I'm too busy right now."

So I decided to choose again.  Rather than go with the random number generator, I wrote everyone's name on slips of paper and let the kitties choose.  The first time, there were two pieces of paper stuck together, so we did it again.  Guess what?  Still stuck together, LOL.  So now there will be two winners and they are:

Vera   and   Dee!

So, ladies, IF you are reading, please send your mailing info to me at baclancyATverizonDOTnet.  (Dee I think I have your address, but please send it along in the event I can't locate it easily!)  I will get the packages together once we get home, and send them, so it may be a couple of weeks until they arrive.  But I do hope to hear from you, as I was very excited to have my blogiversary giveaway!

And that's it for now.  Time to pay the bills that will come due while we're gone, and watch the Notre Dame football game, hoping they can win this one.  :-)

One story for you though - I shared this on Facebook, but I figure you guys will enjoy it too.

Every year when we watch the first home game of Notre Dame football, I remember how it felt to be there at the stadium in person the first time.  It was the home opener against Michigan (a big rivalry).  I was really excited because I'd spent time with my dad as a little girl watching the games on TV when they would be broadcast (he was one of the famous "subway alumni" - Notre Dame fans who have never set foot on campus, but are devoted nonetheless), and being able to actually go to a game in real life was a dream come true.  Anyway, the ND players came out onto the field, and the place went crazy, and the band started playing the fight song.  The Tim looked up from his book and said, "Is that us?"  I assured him that it was, and that it was also very unlikely that the Michigan team would have gotten the same welcome.  ;-)

It remains one of my happiest and funniest memories, ever.

Have a wonderful weekend!